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Blackjack Play now

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Casino Blackjack is the table game that everyone can enjoy! Why not take a look at our Blackjack quick basic strategy guide? In your pursuit of the perfect hand? You can even practice with our play money version of Blackjack .

General Information

Blackjack is a beat-the-house game played with one to six standard decks of 52 cards (Jokers are not included).

What differentiates the Casino Room's Blackjack games from other Blackjack games is the possibility to play up to five boxes per round against the house, and the ability to choose between different tables with sets of slightly different rules.

Currently however we support only one rule set, Casino Room House rules.

The object of the game is to get your hand as close to 21 as possible without "busting" (cards adding to more than 21) or the dealer's hand getting even closer. A draw (PUSH) will return the bet to the player. A winning box will pay the made bet 1 to 1.

Casino Room House Rules

Below is the current rules version of Blackjack on Casino Room The new version of Blackjack that you are about to play, can be played with exactly the same rules as the previous version.

  • You are allowed to double down on any two initial cards, except if you get a Blackjack.
  • The dealer will receive two initial cards; one card is dealt face up, one face down.
  • If the dealer gets an initial face up ace, you may INSURE. If you have gotten a Blackjack, you may go for EVEN MONEY instead.
  • You can split on any equal valued cards, but you cannot re-split.
  • When splitting on aces, only one additional card is allowed.
  • Casino Room House rules Blackjack is played with 2 decks of cards, which are reshuffled between every round.
  • The dealer has to HIT on any 16 and STAND on any 17 or higher.

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