Responsible gaming

Prevention of gaming addiction, as operator of the website, is fully aware of its responsibility towards society. We take this responsibility very seriously and place great emphasis on this fundamental obligation towards our customers, the general public, and our own employees.

Safe entertainment coupled with responsibility

We have no intention of telling our customers what to do, provided, however, that if we notice that something is wrong we will take action. Our definition of social responsibility is based on the responsible attitudes of our customers. Some examples of the remedies offered by us are outlined below.

Rules of responsible gaming

By observing the following rules, you will be able to enjoy your gaming without misgivings:

• Take regular breaks from your games.
• Decide your personal limit in advance.
• Do not increase the maximum limit which you have decided for yourself later on. (Please note: due to our responsible gaming measures, customer requests to increase their payment limits can be implemented only after 7 days.)
• Before you start playing, decide on the winning amount at which you will end the game.
• Decide beforehand how high your losses can be.
• Never play under the influence of alcohol or medication.
• Never play if you are in a depressive mood.
• Play only when you are fully rested and concentrated.

At risk – what now?

Block your account

If, after completing the test, you have the feeling that you may have a tendency towards pathological gaming, please make use of the option to block your account . Please note that customers who have blocked their accounts cannot re-activate them again until the end of the blocked period, and no further payments can be made onto these accounts.

Gaming with a partner who takes social responsibility seriously

We are fully aware that we are marketing a product whose social acceptance is not uncontested. We are therefore particularly keen on safeguarding this product with a number of measures designed to ensure that the focus remains on the customer’s complete enjoyment, the quality of the products, and absolute confidence in the provider.

As part of our CSR activities, we have developed a range of technical and social measures designed to ensure that potential problems are recognized at an early stage so that any customers affected can be offered expert assistance.

Protection of minors

Persons under the age of 18 are prohibited from making use of the gaming line-up. is aware of its responsibility to prevent minors from taking advantage of its product portfolio.

In order to ensure maximum protection of minors, we also rely on co-operation with parents and caretakers.

Please keep your access details safe at all times (user ID, password and your question and answer combination).

Furthermore, we would recommend that you install filter software. This software will allow you to restrict internet access for children and young people.www.saferinternet.orgis a website which is co-funded by the European Union and provides comprehensive information about internet filter software and also offers a free test version.

Professional help

If you are looking for professional help please contact , which is an acknowledged help organisation with dedicated experts that operate a variety of counselling services. You may also visit or for help in your country.


Please contact us directly if you have any questions relating to the Company’s spectrum of CSR activities. Our customer support team is at your disposal at any time under .