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Monkey Money

Monkey Money Play now

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Monkey Money Overview

Welcome to Monkey Money, the most exciting 5 reel virtual slot machine on the Net. What makes Monkey Money so exciting is the Bonus Round, which is like a game within a game, in which you can win extra bonus credits. Choose to bet between 0.05 and 45.00 in chips on each spin. Check the payout table to determine your winnings.

How to Play

Choose the value of the coin you wish to wager in each bet: 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50 or 1.00 in chips. Next, select the lines you wish to wager on. There are a total of 9 lines. Then select the number of wagers you wish to play on each line. You can choose up to 5 chips per line. Once you have selected your wager click on the SPIN button to start the game. If you choose to bet the maximum amount of chips (45), you can click the BET MAX button.  This will automatically begin the game. When you have finished selecting your bet, start the machine by pressing the SPIN button.

Wins are counted only if the winning combination originates from the left most reel.

Bonus Round

Monkey Money's Bonus Round is a way for you to add extra bonus credits to your game total. To get into the Bonus Round you must collect 3 Coconuts. Each time a Coconut comes up on a reel, the Monkey collects it. Once the Monkey has collected 3 coconuts you will be sent to the Bonus Round. The Bonus Round screen has 4 trees with 2 coconuts on each tree. Click on a coconut and the Monkey will climb the tree and crack it open revealing your bonus winnings. Continue selecting Coconuts and collecting your bonuses until you find a bad Coconut. As soon as you select a coconut that has no bonus the Bonus Game is over and you return to the slot machine. The bonus credits will be added to your Credits total on the Slot machine. Each time you collect 3 Coconuts you will get a Bonus Round.

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