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Biggest Slot Machine Wins

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The Biggest Jackpot Slot Wins Ever

Biggest Jackpot Slots Machine Wins – Jackpot slots are among the biggest attractions of all online casino games and for good reason. After all, who wouldn’t want to potentially win a multimillion prize from a very small bet?

And we’re talking real life-changing prizes as well. Sure, you can win a few thousand or more in slot bonus games like free spins rounds. And that’s great! But, those nearly always pale in comparison to the massive dedicated jackpot prizes out there.

Some of the biggest slot wins of all time are more than £10 million — and a few come with absolutely crazy stories behind the winners as well. So strap yourself in for a little taste of the possibilities that the biggest jackpot slots wins can offer!

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Online Slots

UK Soldier Scoops £13.2 million jackpot win

Back in 2015, retired soldier Jon Heywood hit headlines (and the Guinness Book of Records) when he bagged the biggest ever £13.2 million jackpot prize on Microgaming’s Mega Moolah online slot game. Then just 26 years old, the former soldier’s first thought for how to spend his winnings was on his family.

The prize came at a great time as Mr. Heywood’s father was waiting for a critical heart and lung transplant. So the win completely sorted out his medical care fund. Oh, and according to BBC News, Mr. Heywood bought himself a Bentley GT too. All of that, from a bet of just £0.25 – amazing!

Biggest jackpot slots machine wins on Mobile

Mega Moolah is back again, with another one of the biggest prizes recorded in online slots. This time, they also clinched the record for the largest jackpot won via a mobile play, when an unnamed woman from the UK won £11.6 million from a £1.50 bet on her Android device. Easy!

First Time Lucky

In one not-so-record-breaking but still impressive win, another UK-based player picked up a £6.2 million win on NetEnt’s Mega Fortune online slot game. A huge win to be sure – but even more interesting when he revealed that it was his first-ever time playing an online slot. In fact, he was so new to the whole thing that it took him several minutes to actually realize he had even entered a bonus game round. Let alone that he had won the game’s top prize. Imagine that!

Land-Based Casino Slots

For many years land-based casino slots were the only way to win big money. The first online slots were quite simple and didn’t offer big money prizes, as that was considered a big investment in what was a new market at the time.

So, most of the biggest wins of all time are still from land-based slots in the US. And, most of them were in the iconic gambling capital of Las Vegas, Nevada. Here’s just a few of them!

Veteran’s Double Payout

Another soldier story, this one is even more incredible. Not only did Elmer Sherwin survive fighting in World War II, but he also hit jackpot gold on the Megabucks slot in Vegas – twice!

First, in 1989 an 80-year-old retired Elmer was travelling the US in his mobile home with his wife. One night they decided to stop in Vegas, and Elmer hit up the Mirage Casino to try one of their famous Megabucks slots. A fateful decision, as he walked out that evening $4.6 million richer. However, this was not the end of the story!

Some 15 years later, Elmer was back in Las Vegas at the tender age of 92. And, you guessed it, he hit the Megabucks jackpot again… This time, for a stunning $21.1 million!

He is, as far as records go, the only man in history to win a multimillion-dollar jackpot slot prize twice. As an old man, the retired soldier promised to give away most of his money, and that time sadly came fairly quickly as he passed away in 2007 aged 93. A life well-lived!

World’s Nicest Jackpot slots machine Winner

Another crazy story from the history vaults of Las Vegas jackpot winners is that of Cynthia Jay-Brennan. This American former cocktail waitress won just shy of $35 million on a Megabucks machine at the Desert Inn Casino just off the main Vegas strip, in the year 2000. Reportedly, the jackpot hit came on the very last spin of the budget she set herself before any casino session.

Jay-Brennan didn’t even quit her job straight away either. She actually served her two-week notice period at another Vegas casino where she worked. How many of you reading this would do that if you hit a multi-million jackpot here at CasinoRoom?

Life-Changing Events

Cynthia Jay-Brenna was a lovely person before, and after, her win. Just ask all the numerous relatives, friends and charities she immediately gave money too. However, life didn’t turn out as planned for her in just a few weeks.

Not long after her win, and (luckily) her dream wedding, Jay-Brennan was driving in Vegas when her car was rear-ended by a drunk driver. She broke her back in multiple places. The accident left her permanently disabled, and she remains in a wheelchair to this day.

However, Cynthia hasn’t let her circumstances change her positive outlook. She has since spent millions on helping charities for disabled people in Vegas and further afield, as well as drunk driving awareness campaigns and educational donations. Would you give to charity, if you hit a big winner?

The Biggest Jackpot slot Winner Ever

Although the above stories might be more interesting from a personal perspective, this one has them all beat for pure size. An anonymous man from Los Angeles won $39.7 million on (you guessed it) the Megabucks slot machine. He told the press he was a software engineer, visiting town for a ball game – and he had played just 33 spins on the machine before hitting the record-breaking win.

What’s Next for Jackpot Slots Machine Wins?

Is that the end of our tale? Well, lucky for you, it might not be as we’ve got Mega Moolah, provider of world-beating jackpots, available to play right here at CasinoRoom.

So, could you soon be joining the ranks of these massive winners and landing one of the biggest jackpot slots machine wins? Only one way to find out!