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What are Blackjack Side Bets?

Blackjack is a card game with basic rules and basic strategy . It has been around for a long time and has a large fan base. However, in addition to traditional blackjack games, the game also includes intriguing blackjack side bets that add to the excitement of the game. Side bets are wagers made on blackjack games before a round begins that allow players to increase their earnings.

Side bets were once only found in traditional casinos, but they have become increasingly popular in recent years as online casinos have arisen. Because side bets have been integrated into online casinos, even players who prefer to play online rather than at a physical casino can now try their luck with side bets.

In this article, we are going to take you through various blackjack side bet options and explain to you the in-depth characteristics of all of them as per below:

  • What are blackjack side bets?
  • Why plays blackjack side bets?
  • Common blackjack side bets
  • Other blackjack side bets to look out for
  • Are blackjack side bets worth playing?

What are blackjack side bets?

Blackjack side bets are bets that are placed at the start of each round of a blackjack game. You wager on the next card dealt to the player or the dealer. The wager is a game of chance rather than skill, as it is very hard to forecast which card someone will receive next unless you are an expert in card counting.

Side bets are optional wagers that one can make to test their luck and increase their earnings. They are not part of the traditional blackjack game. The house edge on side bets is usually higher, but the payouts are higher. However, you must understand because it is extremely difficult to win a side bet. After all, the house edge favours the casino, and so one may lose money if they play blindly.

Why play blackjack side bets?

In comparison to the traditional blackjack game, side bets provide bigger payouts. As a result, side bets will always be the money element. The house advantage on side bets, on the other hand, is substantially bigger, which means that the danger of losing money on these bets is extremely great.

You should wager on Side bets with extreme caution, and you should not gamble on them recklessly unless you intend to benefit the casinos. Another advantage of side bets is that they cost very little money to place wagers, yet depending on one’s luck, one could end up winning a lot of money.

Side bets are ideal for players who like to take risks, but wagering on side bets should be avoided for those who are more cautious.

Common blackjack side bets

In most casino rooms, you can discover a couple of blackjack side bets. They are marked with the odds on blackjack tables or as a handout, but you can find them on the side menu of online casinos.

Below we look at a few common side bets you will mostly find in all casino rooms:


Before the dealer checks the hole card, a player can place an insurance side bet, which lets them protect themselves against blackjack if the dealer holds an ace face-up. Insurance side bets allow you to bet half of your stake, but they are considered a hazardous play because the chances of the hole card being a 10 are extremely slim. However, if you win the bet, you get to keep half of your winnings.

Perfect pairs

Side bets on perfect pairs are solely dependent on a player card. When a player’s initial two cards are a pair, meaning they have the same numerical value or face value, the bet is won.

Below are a few kinds of perfect pairs in the blackjack game:

Mixed pair

This wager is based on the likelihood that a player will have two cards of the same value but different suit and colour. One red seven and one black seven, for example. This bet has a 5:1 chance of winning.

Coloured pair

This bet is made on the chance that a player will have cards of the same value and colour but a different suit. One red ace diamond and one red ace hearts, for example. This bet has a 2:1 chance of winning.

Perfect pair

This side bet is on the chance that a player will have a perfect pair of cards. This means that the value and suit of both cards are the same. Five spades and five spades, for example. This bet has a 30:1 winning chance.


In blackjack, the 21+3 side bet is the most popular. The side bet was derived from poker and incorporates both the player and dealer’s cards. There are four different types of 21+3 side bets, and the bet pays off if the player’s two cards and the dealer’s face-up cards match any of the following combinations:


This kind of wager is placed on the probability of all the three cards being of the same suit. The winning odds for this bet are 5:1.


In this bet, the player will win if the three cards are of consecutive ranks, e.g. five, six, seven of different suits. The winning odds of this bet are 10:1.

Straight flush

This bet is placed on the possibility that the three cards are of the same suit and successive numeric values – five, six, seven of hearts. The winning odds of this wager are 40:1.

Three of a kind

In this side bet, the player wins if all the three cards are of the same numerical values and both tens and figures are considered the same. The winning odds for this bet are 30:1. If the cards are of the same numerical value and are of the same suit, the winning odds will be 100:1.

Other blackjack side bets to look out for

Many side bets have evolved in recent years to attract as many blackjack players as possible. Some will grow to be hugely popular, while others will only be found in select casinos.

Below we look at some other side bets in blackjack to look out for:

Over/under 13

In this side bet, a player can bet on the sum of the two cards being over 13 or under 13. If the outcome is true, then they win. If the outcome is 13 the player loses. On this side bet, the house edge of over 13 is always 6.5% and the house edge of under 13 is 10%.

Lucky ladies

If the player’s cards sum up to 20, with an unsuited 20, then the payout is 4:1 in this side bet. A suited 20 pays 10:1, a matched 20 with the same rank and suit pays 25:1. Two queens of hearts pays 200:1. Two queens of heart with the dealer having blackjack pays 1000:1.

Super sevens

The number of “seven” cards a player hits is counted in the Super Seven side bet. If a player’s first card is a seven, he or she wins and receives a 3:1 payment. The reward increases if the second card is also a seven. If the two sevens are unsuited, the payment is 50:1. If the pair is suited, the player receives a 100:1 reward.

The player receives a 500:1 payoff if the first three cards are unsuited sevens. This becomes a 5000:1 payoff if the sevens are suited. If the dealer has blackjack and the player has two sevens, a third card is not dealt in some casinos, and the house edge rises to 12.6 per cent. If the player is allowed to hit a third card, the house edge drops to 11.4 per cent.

Are blackjack side bets worth playing?

In comparison to conventional blackjack games, side bets have a greater house edge. This implies a good chance you’ll lose money to the casino. Therefore side bets are generally for high-risk gamblers. If you wish to rely on talent and tiny odds, you should play blackjack instead of side bets because you will be able to keep track of your wagering.

The bottom line on Blackjack side bets

Blackjack side bets offer a level of excitement and thrill to traditional blackjack games. In either case, they are extremely dangerous, with a significant likelihood of losing money to the casino. Side bets are ideal for risky gamblers because, with a little luck, you can win more money than you put in. Staying away from side bets is a good idea for cautious gamblers.