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Poker? Live Dealer or Video?

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Live or Video Poker?

When it comes to online gaming, players are spoilt for choice. For example, there are multiple casinos to choose from, hundreds of games to look forward to, and sensational offers to enjoy. But when it comes to choice, not everyone is gifted with foresight. In view of that, this article should help you determine which of these games is better suited to you: live poker or video poker. If you didn’t know it, the two are completely different from one another. Here is a breakdown of what you are about to learn:

  • What is video poker?
  • What is live dealer poker?
  • The differences and similarities between live and video games
  • The advantages of video variants
  • The advantages of live dealer variants
  • Conclusion

If you are considering dabbling in the fine art of online casino poker playing, chances are you need to learn a bit more. Lucky for you, after this, you will know exactly which category of gaming you fall into.

What is Video Poker?

Similar to slot machine gaming, computerized poker consists of a machine that draws cards. Subsequently, the casino game is a 5 card draw game played on a machine. Whether you are at a land-based casino or playing online, the game appeals to machine game enthusiasts. There are several variants of computerized poker, the most popular being:

Despite the several variants of computer poker, the game is loosely similar from one variant to the next. This makes playing a whole lot easier for those unfamiliar with a new poker game.

How to Play Video Poker

Although there are various methods of playing computerized poker, we’ll look at the basic nature of the game. First, players place bets. Second, the ‘Deal’ button must be selected. Third, 5 cards are dealt. The player has the opportunity to discard and receive new cards. How many times or when this applies, depends on the poker variant. Finally, once the draw has concluded, the machine pays in accordance with winning combinations. It’s a fast-paced game that requires some skill and offers great entertainment.

What is Live Dealer Poker

Although video and live dealer games are similar in terms of poker, they are significantly different from one another. For instance, computerized variants are played on a machine, while live dealer poker is as the name suggests. Players play games with a real dealer. Courtesy of modern technology, live dealers connect to players via live-streaming technology. Therefore, you are playing against the house but able to communicate and interact with the dealer at your table.

How to Play Live Games

The first step in the right direction is finding a casino and a live dealer room. Of course, the casino you choose should be a reputable one if you are looking for real cash payouts. When you find your preferred variant of the game, you will connect with a dealer. Next, you will need to place your bets, making sure to manage your bankroll accordingly. Next, the dealer will hand out cards. Finally, all the players at the table need to form the best hand to win. Naturally, the winning hand depends on the variant you choose to play. Winnings are paid out in accordance with the winning hands at the table.

The Differences and Similarities Between Live and Video Variants

Online poker games generally share many common attributes, however, there are visible differences. Let’s take a look at those similarities and differences.

Key Differences

  • Live — Played against the house and/or other real-time players with a human dealer.
  • Computerized — Played against the computer using a Random Number Generator (RNG).

Key Similarities

Computer and live dealer games mostly share the same hand rankings. For example, a royal flush, straight, 3 of a kind, and Ace high card are accepted in most games. Another similarity is that winning hands share the same principle of poker rules. Finally, there are a few variations of both types of poker that are the same.

The Advantages of Video Variants

Naturally, it’s a personal choice as to which is better. However, there are some advantages to playing computerized poker that you won’t encounter when playing live dealer games. For instance, the games are easy to learn and understand. Furthermore, video variants have a high return to player percentage. In fact, players can expect an impressive RTP of over 98% on most games. These games are ideal for beginners who are curious as to how card games unfold. Finally, there is no need for patience. The games are fast and don’t require other players to join.

The Advantages of Live Dealer Variants

Live poker also has its perks. In fact, many players prefer live rooms where they can interact with the dealer. There are many advantages to this variant, one of the biggest is that this game is ideal for high rollers. Another advantage is that you get to play against real people. This makes for exciting gameplay as you are playing against skilled players rather than a machine that uses a random number generator. Players can also look forward to a wider range of betting options. That’s because, unlike computerized gameplay, the wagers aren’t set in stone. Players are able to adjust their bets, within limits, according to the casino.


As you can see, despite the significant differences between the two, it really is simply a personal choice for most players. Both versions of online poker games have pros and cons. Again, both variants share similarities such as hand rankings, winning outcomes, and the like. However, despite the differences and similarities, new players tend to lean toward the version of the game that is more ideal for a beginner. In contrast, experienced players may seek more of a challenge with higher stakes.

Really it depends on you — the player. Both games are thrilling, fun and entertaining. It simply remains up to you to explore these games to discover your preferred poison. In the end, you needn’t choose. Many players enjoy both game types. There’s nothing stopping you from doing the same in!