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Online Slots 101: The Advantage of Internet Slot Games

The Advantage of Internet Slot Games

Despite the fact that the first online gaming sites were offered as recently as [the mid-1990s](, the revenue from online slots has risen significantly over the last 20 years. In fact, the global market is currently estimated to be [worth nearly $19 billion]( Slots are one of the biggest sources of revenue for online gambling providers, and industry data shows that many players appear to prefer them over slots in traditional casinos.

So what are the advantages of online slots, and how are they changing the industry?

Benefits of Online Slots

Nearly two million consumers [play online slots in the U.K. alone]( behaviour in England Scotland 10072014.pdf). The figure is even higher in mainland Europe and has been rising every year. While the demand for online slots is increasing, activity at regular casinos has remained flat, indicating that patrons are exhibiting a preference for online slots over traditional reels.

Indeed, the growing demand for online slots makes sense when you consider the various benefits that they provide. Here are some advantages that are driving demand:

More Convenient

One of the biggest reasons that people prefer online slots over their in-person counterparts is the convenience. You don’t need to drive 200 miles to your nearest casino to try your luck. All you have to do is fire up your PC or smartphone, log in to your favorite online gaming site and start playing.

This is a great alternative for people that don’t want to travel endless miles, or that don’t want to inhale smoke from the bloke sitting next to them.

Immediate Gratification

You may have a hard time finding an open slot machine if you visit a casino during one of the busiest periods of the week. Some players stay at their machines for hours on end and aren’t very considerate of others who may want to have a turn at the slots.

This isn’t a problem when you’re playing online slots. You won’t need to wait in line – you can start playing and winning money right away!

Higher Payouts

Since online gaming sites have larger consistent player pools and lower overhead costs, they
can [offer larger jackpots]( to their patrons than real-world casinos can provide. In fact, some customers playing popular online slots have made far more money than would have ever been possible in a traditional casino.

For example, one U.K. gambler named Norm once played Millionaire Genie at 888 Casino and won £2.4 million. Another player in Sweden ]won €6.7 million]( playing the Hall of Gods in 2013.

Opportunity to Play for Free

Another benefit of online casino sites is that they often offer users opportunities to play for free. These social games can be monetized through ads and in-game buy-ins, giving players the opportunity to have fun without committing any money to the game.

Less Scrutiny

One of the drawbacks of many traditional casinos is that the house watches players like a hawk to make sure they aren’t cheating. If you aren’t comfortable having every move you make monitored quite so closely, you may want to play online slots instead. Overall, there’s much less scrutiny since it’s generally more difficult for online players to cheat.

Fewer Distractions

Many people believe that luck is the only determining factor when trying to win money at slot
machines, but they actually require a lot of focus. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to concentrate in a regular casino environment, given the amount of noise and stimulation present in that environment.

If you’re a regular slots player, you’ll probably have an easier time focusing if you’re playing online from your home, where you can tune out these distractions. The end result? More wins and higher winnings for the time you spend gambling.

Will Online Slots Entirely Replace Brick-and-Mortar Options?

Online slots have become much more popular in recent years, while traditional casinos are either shutting down or experiencing limited growth. Many experts believe that the popularity of online gambling is driving the decline of brick-and-mortar casinos; in fact, research from gambling policy expert Kahlil S. Philander shows that many European casinos experienced declining revenues [after online gambling was regulated](

While online slots appear to have affected the industry to some degree, there appear to be other factors that are causing the decline of traditional casinos as well. Some of these challenges include stronger competition, rising property costs, economic downturns and high overhead. Since many of their patrons travel long distances to visit them, casino revenues are suffering as disposable incomes decline and fuel prices rise.

Online slots may not be destroying the traditional gaming industry, but they are becoming viable alternatives for many people. With all of the different advantages described above in mind, demand for online slots is likely to continue rising in the future as more and more patrons recognize their benefits.

Do you play online slots? If so, do you prefer them over traditional in-person reels? Leave a comment below sharing your experiences:

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