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Top 5 Biggest and Best Online Jackpot Slots

Online Jackpot Slot game on Smart phone

When it comes to playing at an online casino, online jackpot slots are the games that come to mind. Since the invention of the slot machine, the way slot games work has continued to improve, offering players bigger and more exciting things each year. One of the most exciting things to come out of the evolution of these games is the progressive or jackpot slots that offer players the potential to score huge prizes.

So, let’s take a look at what these jackpot slots are all about and which ones you should be playing.

  1. What are jackpot slots?
  2. Types of jackpots
  3. Top 5 jackpot slots

What are online jackpot slots?

Jackpot slots are exciting games that operate in much the same way as a regular slot. They work using reels, paylines and symbols, which must be matched on these paylines. They also have extra features such as free spins and wilds. However, the big difference comes in what you can win.

With a jackpot game, the top prize can be huge. Instead of just a multiplier of the bet as the top win, jackpot games will have a fixed coin win or even one that keeps growing. This means that you can score an impressive win on a small bet. Additionally, these big wins are often triggered by bonus games operating outside of the usual slot mechanic. However, there are different types of jackpot slot games out there.

Types of jackpots

There are generally four different jackpot options to be found. These are local, network, fixed and progressive. Each of these will have a different win value as well as hit frequency. So, depending on what you are looking for, you should choose a specific type of jackpot.

  • Local: the jackpot is created from bets placed by players only at that casino
  • Network: the jackpot is added to from bets placed by players in the network or pool
  • Fixed: the jackpot is set within the game and does not grow, no matter how many people play.
  • Progressive: the jackpot increases as more people play (it can be local or network) and is generally the largest of all the jackpots

Top 5 online jackpot slots

There are several excellent online jackpot slot games out there. However, some stand out from the rest simply due to their popularity, big win capabilities and fun themes. So, here are our best online jackpot slots:

Mega Fortune online jackpot slot

This exciting progressive jackpot game is from NetEnt. It’s one of the most popular progressives out there, thanks to the glamorous Hollywood vibe it offers.

It operates on a standard 5-reel setup, with just 25 paylines. Additionally, it’s got a relatively low bet limit making it affordable for all players. Better yet though, it’s low variance, which means that it offers regular small wins as you aim for that jackpot.

You need to land three bonus symbols on the reels to get that jackpot, which then activates the bonus wheel. This is tiered with the biggest jackpot in the centre of the wheel. Currently, the biggest payout was a whopping £17 million, though you’re more commonly looking at wins between €2-4 million landing every 2 months.

Mega Moolah online jackpot slot

A close second is Microgaming’s African safari-themed game. This too operates on a simple 5-reel set-up and has 25 paylines. Like Mega Fortune, there are four jackpots waiting to be grabbed if you can trigger the bonus round. However, this bonus round triggers at random, so you have to get lucky when you’re playing.

If you are lucky, this game has paid out an impressive £13 million. In fact, this game has an average payout of €6 million, dropping every six weeks or so.

Arabian Nights online jackpot slot

Another NetEnt entrant, this slot takes you directly into the world of Aladdin. Just like the cave of wonders, there’s a lot of big wins to be had here, again if you’re lucky. The slot is a 5-reel game with just 10 paylines, making this the simplest one yet. It’s also a mid to low variance game, so you can expect some regular wins, albeit small ones.

Unlike the other jackpot games, this one does require a minimum bet of €5 if you are to claim that top prize. Keeping an eye out for the lamp scatter is a good way to get ahead though, because landing three of them will get you 10 free spins with a triple multiplier. If you are lucky to score the top prize, all you need to do is land five of the genie symbols on a payline to do it. You could be walking away with a prize of over €1 million, which tends to drop every five months.

Age of the Gods series

This is not one but four different games coming from Playtech. Each one has a slight variation on the gods theme, so it is really up to you which one you prefer.

Landing this jackpot will see you earn around €500,000, a prize that tends to come around every 6 weeks or so. That being said, the biggest win was just shy of $1 million, so you could get lucky.

Divine Fortune online jackpot slot

This is one of the smaller jackpot games out there, but this NetEnt game still offers a ton of fun. Based on Greek myths, this game has five reels and 20 paylines. There are many features available too, including wilds, re-spins and jackpots. It’s also a highly volatile game, which means you’re not going to get many regular wins, but when they land, they will be big!

Generally, you’re looking at a €120,000 win every 4 weeks, although there have been prizes up to €600,000. It’s simply a case of keeping an eye on the jackpot prize and timing it right.

With so many options, it’s really up to you to choose which game sounds best. A hot tip though is to check when the game last paid out to see if it’s due any time soon before you hop on and play.