Three Cards Poker

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Slot produced by Evolution Gaming

Three Cards Poker: High Limits, Huge Wins

Game Description

Three Cards Poker is a signature title in Evolution Gaming's collection of online live dealer games. Designed and developed in collaboration with Scientific Games, the online casino live table title is fast-paced, thrilling, rewarding, and optimised. The developer streams live video using top-quality HD equipment to create a land-based casino feel. All streams are live from EG's Latvia studios. The graphics are crisp and sharp and the audio is impeccable. The interface of the game is minimalistic and offers the essential info about the game. You can open up the menu and configure the settings. A "traffic-light" looking visual on the top right side of the screen prepares you for the next round. All EG dealers are friendly and professional. You'll enjoy a seamless wagering experience whenever you enter the live dealer games brought to you by EG. Although you can't play Three Cards Poker in fun to play mode, you can easily access your Casino Room account and wager real money bets on this exciting table game.

Game Rules

Three Cards Poker is part of the live online casino games collection created by EG to ensure endless betting opportunities and deliver staggering payouts.

  • The dealer uses one standard deck of cards. Your aim is to beat the house with a 3-card hand. First, place an Ante bet and follow up with the Play bet at the same value. The dealer will qualify for the next round with a QUeen or a higher value card. If the dealer doesn't qualify, you'll win the Play stake bet and your Ante bet will bring in more money.
  • You can place Pair Plus & 6-Card Bonus side bets to increase your shots of landing big wins. The online casino game offers the Ante Bonus when your hand achieves a "Straight" or higher, regardless of the dealer's hand. The "Pair Plus" bonus involves a possible win of up to 100:1 on a Pair/ better. The 6-Card Bonus side bet offers gives you the chance to win up to 1000:1 even when you don't beat the dealer, who is holding a Three Card Poker hand.
  • You must achieve combos of high cards, 3 of a kind, or pairs to win.
  • Gamers play Three Card Poker against the dealer. The dealer must achieve a Queen high/ better. So, you could have 2,3, and 4 and still beat the dealer who's holding 9, 10, or a Jack.
  • You can check the paytable and discover the different payouts you can achieve on one of EG's most entertaining live games.

Choose your preferred chip size and place your bet on the Ante in the centre of the table. Place the 6-Card Bonus or Pair plus optional side bets. You'll receive 3 cards face up. If you approve of the cards, place the Play stake, which is identical to the Ante Bet. Otherwise, you can fold and lose the Ante Bet. Once you place the Play stake, the host will reveal his cards. If the dealer has a hand of Queen/ better, the stronger Three Cards Poker hand will win. Otherwise, you'll win the Ante and the Play stake is returned to you. The Ante and Play stakes payout 1:1. The side bets are more valuable. If you have a Straight Flush, a Straight, or Three of a Kind, you'll win the Ante even if you lose.

About Three Cards Poker

Three Cards Poker is one of the most popular EG live dealer games featuring fast-paced action and high-limits tables. The online game delivers 2 side bets to help you achieve big wins. You'll enjoy exceptional payouts of up to 1,000:1. The Ante Bet will win when the dealer doesn't hold a Queen hand or better. Try your luck bet on this exciting live game to experience a thrilling wagering session.

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