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VIP Roulette: It's not just a Game, It's a Lifestyle!

Game Description

VIP Roulette by Evolution Gaming is the most authentic, realistic, and famous real-time roulette online casino game out there. Gamers experience a world-class live wagering session ensured by the HD immersive camera views. Evolution Gaming blends innovative technology with classical elements of this casino table game to create a uniquely engaging environment. With a wide range of game views and different features such as extensive statistics, Auto-Play, live chat, and the option to save 15 "favourite" bets, you'll feel that adrenaline rush while you wait for the ball to drop. The developer streams the live action from beautifully designed studios.

VIP Roulette is made for high rollers. The high-limit online casino table game powered by Evolution Gaming adapts to the strict requirements of "whales." Soak in the glitz and glamour of the VIP room while you place your bets on a game hosted by a professional live dealer. Get a taste of the high-rollers' glamorous lifestyle and check out VIP Roulette at the Casino Room. Visit our mobile or desktop website and place your bets on this luxurious live casino table game.

Game Rules

VIP Roulette by Evolution Gaming is a fabulous online casino game based on the classical European and French Roulette versions with a house edge of 2.7%. You can interact with the professional live dealer via a chatbox, which is built-into the game's interface.

  • Choose between the 3D view and the Classical view.
  • Place a bet ranging between 5 and 20,000. The game includes 7 casino chips denominations.
  • It's a single zero game, which includes the Finale a Cheval and Finale en Plain special bets. You can submit special bets on a racetrack, which you'll find on the right side of the screen. The racetrack includes Orphelins a Cheval, Tier du Cylindre, Voisins Du Zero, and Jeu Zero sections.
  • Although the betting period is limited, the "Favourite Bet" special feature helps you optimize your time. You won't waste one second. Determine a lucky wagering pattern and save it. You'll find "Favourite Bets" under the racetrack outline.
  • The Auto-Play function initiates auto betting. Click the "Auto" tab after you submit your bet.
  • The game displays the results after each round together with the list of winners.
  • You'll find the payout table on the upper left side of the screen. Check the "Help" section for a detailed outline of the payouts and betting process.
  • The game displays the statistics of previous rounds including a tracker of Cold/Hot numbers.
  • Players enjoy auto-zoom functions during each spin of the roulette wheel.

VIP Roulette is a game of luck and chance. You won't find a specific betting strategy to secure a win. To improve your shots at winning big, you can check Evolution Gaming's statistics section and place your bets according to the statistics of the previous 500 games or according to the Cold/Hot tracker.

About VIP Roulette

VIP Roulette is an elegant and glamorous online casino live table game powered by Evolution Gaming. The live game is streamed from the developer's studio in Latvia, which is designed in red colour for a charming look. The game caters to the requirements of high rollers as stakes can go as high as €20,000. If you've always dreamed of experiencing the expensive and lavish lifestyle of the rich and famous, this is your chance. Take a seat at one of the luxurious tables and place your bets on Evolution Gaming's VIP Roulette live online game. It's a unique experience brought to you by the Casino Room!

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