Warlords: Crystals of Power

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Slot hergestellt von NetEnt

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Warlords: Crystals of Power - Battle for Supreme Power and Fortune

Crystals of Power - Game Description

If settling scores with axes and katanas is your thing, Warlords: Crystals of power is the online casino slots title for you. Have you dreamed of conquering the world and being the supreme leader? Put on your armour and embark on a dangerous journey to claim your crown. The action is set during a time when warlords embarked on battles to achieve domination. Three leaders start a fierce battle in an ultimate war for the king title. Players must commit to taking on the dangers which lie ahead. The slots title's characters, including the Samurai, the Priestess, and the Barbarian, are ready for battle.

The exceptional graphics featuring high definition visuals design the perfect battle environment. Despite the darkness of the online slot machine, it's filled with imagination, fun features and fierce bonuses, as this review highlights. Terrifying creatures accompany the characters and help them on their journeys to become the ultimate ruler. The soundtrack is epic and comprises a series of gruesome sounds, which aren't suitable for the weak-hearted. Before playing the slot machine in real money mode, test its performance in fun-to-play mode. When you've got a good grip of the title's performance, paytable, and rules, you can place real-money bets on the Casino Room's desktop or mobile platforms.

Game Rules

Warlords: Crystals of power allows you to battle against darkness and claim supreme power over the world. You'll enjoy rewarding bonuses and exquisite features activated by the symbols on the 5 reels, 3 rows, and the 30 paylines available.

The title pays out wins when you land at least 3 matching symbols across the grid. You'll earn the highest win per payline when symbols land on a payline from the leftmost side of the reels.

  • The low-value symbols include three coloured masks.
  • The higher paying symbols are the warthog, the panther, and the wolf. Other high-value symbols are the Samurai, the Barbarian, and the Priestess. The Samurai is the highest paying symbol.
  • The Wild symbol includes 3 crystals of power in red, blue, and pink colours. During the main level of the title, the slot may activate the Overlay Wild special feature. It uses a separate reel set, which doesn't include any scatters.
  • The Scatters are the two Samurai crossed swords, the bow and arrow, and the axe. Each scatter triggers different Free Spins features.

The title includes 3 types of Random Overlay Wild bonuses such as:

  • The Barbarian Hammer bonus feature, which offers 4 wilds shaped as a square on reels 1-4;
  • The Priestess Arrow bonus feature, which offers 2-5 wilds on reels 1-5;
  • The Samurai Sword feature, which offers 2-5 wilds on reels 1-4.

Warlords: Crystals of Power includes 3 scatters, which activate different bonus levels. The Blue scatter grants Barbarian Free Spins. The Green scatter offers Priestess Free Spins, and the Red scatter grants Samurai Free Spins. Every scatter rewards the corresponding special feature during the main level, including 1 multiplier, 3 Free Spins, and 1 Sticky wild. When at least 2 scatters land on the reels, you'll earn re-spins.

When two scatters pop up on the reels, 1 scatter will turn into the other scatter so they're identical before the Re-spin. If you land 2 matching scatters on the reels with 1 different scatter, the scatters will transform after the battle into the type they were before the Re-spin activated. When three different scatters appear, they'll turn into the same types as before the special Re-spin feature began.

Three scatters will activate the Free Spins. If the Free Spins don't activate the Re-spin feature, you have one chance to activate the feature. The Final Chance feature will be awarded to you. The bonus can reveal a scatter or a coin win. When 2 scatters trigger the Re-spins and no extra scatter pops up during the Re-spin, you'll receive a random bonus, which awards a coin win between 3 and 100 times your stake or a scatter.

The title is fit for small pockets and high rollers. You can bet anything between €0.15 and €150. Use the Autoplay feature to improve your shots of landing winning combos.

About the Game

Warlords: Crystals of power is a terrifying online casino slots title, which challenges the bravest players to claim the ultimate power, as this review reveals. NetEnt designed an exceptional title featuring a remarkable RTP of 96.89%. You can earn up to 6,666 times your stake while fighting for your title as ruler of the world.

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