What Are Network Jackpots?

Interestingly, jackpot games exist in a broad spectrum, and network jackpots are the extreme relative. Undoubtedly, the biggest jackpots of all available from online casinos are the network jackpots. With a helping from the Internet, network jackpots can gather funds from a network of participating casinos that have the same game. Literally, thousands of players contribute funds towards the network jackpot by merely playing the game, (every time a player spins the reels, a percentage of the bet goes into the network jackpot prize pool). The jackpots quickly build into life-changing amounts and can payout figures of over €11 million. The online casino world features both local and global progressive-network jackpots.

Design and Theme

Network Jackpot games are very often based on traditional fruit machines, with varying numbers of reels and paylines. You spin the reels, you land 3, 4, 5 or even six in a line and you win the jackpot, pretty simple really. How often those symbols line up is dictated by the number of symbols on the reels, which, way back in 1887 was only five symbols on each of the three reels. Today, the reels that hold the symbols to payouts in the millions may have up to ten symbols on each of their five reels. True, that alone has changed the odds, but back in 1887, you wouldn’t have been playing for millions!

Computers and the internet have added immense amounts of value to these games. Themes can be anything a designer can imagine, old classics are well-catered for with the likes of Mega Moolah. At the same time, if you fancy something a little more adventurous, then check out Holmes and the Stolen Stones for a journey into Victorian mystery with the master sleuth himself.


  • Local progressive-jackpots are site-specific. Players of the specific online casino contribute to growing the prize pool. Jackpot Raiders, for example, is a local jackpot slot. Wager on the game at the Casino Room, and you'll receive different payouts than when you wager at other online casinos. Local jackpots pay out smaller wins compared to global jackpot slots. But the silver lining is that you'll be competing against fewer players.
  • Global progressive-jackpots are available across the entire online gaming community. You'll find a central prize pool into which online casinos contribute. And every bet placed at the participating casinos goes into the communal prize pool. Anyone wagering on the progressive global slot machines can trigger the mega prize, often reaching well into the millions.

How much can I win?

The sky really is the limit with these games, from mini jackpots starting at €10 to life-changing amounts in the millions, they are all available on network jackpots. The amount you wager will affect the size of the jackpot you may win, even so, massive amounts have been won with minuscule wagers.