Lucky Fridays

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Slot produced by NetEnt

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Lucky Fridays: Not Your Typical Friday Night at the Office!

Game Description

We're all workaholics. But sometimes we need a break to reboot. Lucky Fridays is a testament to that. The online casino game pays homage to the working week. The slot's intro features a corporate office in shades of dark blue and purple. The backdrop includes a wall with tall, dark matte panels. On the frontend, you'll see a desk covered in documents, staplers, document holders, pencils, tape, and a cup of coffee. It's the age of tech, so computer equipment is also included such as the keyboard, a mouse, and a landline. The reels are depicted by a monitor set in the centre of the screen. The design is slick, modern and minimalistic. It's not your typical day at the office. It's Lucky Fridays.

At 6 PM, players are usually out the offices' doors. But not this time. Lucky Fridays changes the game and attracts players to stay after hours. You don't get extra pay, but you do get the chance of landing huge wins with a bit of luck. You can land up to 3,655.3 times your stake. That trumps any monthly paycheck. But before you go ahead and wager real-money, test the game in fun to play mode. Once you fully understand the online slots machine, you can play in real mode at the mobile or desktop Casino Room site.

Game Rules

Lucky Fridays convinces you to stay long hours on Fridays at the office. The slots game includes rewarding special features, multipliers, wilds, and bonus levels. The online game includes 5 reels, 4 rows, and 30 paylines.

  • The online casino game offers payouts when you land at least three identical symbols across the reels on a winning payline.
  • The game offers low-value symbols such as the purple cologne, the wallet with money and keys, the shoes, the glasses, and a luxury wristwatch.
  • The high-value symbols are the 3 corporate employees and the boss. You'll meet a brunette, a bold gentleman, a redhead woman, and the CEO. The CEO is the highest value symbol and pays out 300 when you land 5 CEO-s on the reels.
  • The online casino game includes a wild symbol, which is the red Ferrari-type sportscar. The wild pays out 600 for 5 across the reels.

The game splits into two separate modes. The standard office-level doesn't include any special features except for the wild. You'll be counting the hours and the days up to the "Party Time" mode, which begins at 6 o'clock on Friday late afternoon. You'll begin your week on Monday at 8:00 AM sharp. Every spin adds one hour to the game's progress. It'll take 55 in-play hours before you can go wild and enter the "Party Mode." When you reach 6 PM on Friday, fireworks will blast off. The champagne bottles pop, and you know it's time for a huge party. The corporate employees get their groove on and increase their value. For the next seven hours or spins, the characters will offer big wins. At random times, the online casino slots game can trigger random special features. You can win up to 3,655.3 times your stake. The party ends at 00:00.

The casino slots game can award three special features during "Party Time" mode:

  • The Wild Party: you can enjoy Mega Wilds in a 3x3 format;
  • The Party Reels: the online slots game will remove all low-value symbols on your next spin. The premium characters remain on the reels.
  • The Multiplier Party: offers a multiplier of up to 12x your stake on the next spin. The game determines the multiplier via a dice roll.

Lucky Fridays offers gamers a chance to enjoy after-hours at the office on Fridays. You can place bets ranging from €0.10c up to €60 and land big wins. Use the "AutoPlay" function to improve your chances of winning prizes and set the number of continuous spins you wish to enjoy.

About Lucky Fridays

Red Tiger Gaming launched Lucky Fridays on September 24th, 2020. It's a thrilling game, which gives a fun twist to the end of your working week. Get out those crystal glasses, pop the champagne, and get the party started on Lucky Fridays! You can land wins of up to 3,655.3 times your stake!

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