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Jackpot Games

Nobody expects a Jackpot, but they are guaranteed to payout, and payout they do. What would you do with a Jackpot amount? We've got all the major Jackpot slot games like Mega Moolah, and Holmes and the Stolen Stones right here, and we've put them all in one place so you can browse to your favourite Jackpot game and try your luck. Remember, someone's got to win, so why can't it be you?

The online gaming world includes standard online slots and the more exciting jackpot slots, which supersize wins. Gamers can play online jackpot games for the chance to rake in wins of up to seven figures. They're user-friendly games with luck-based payouts. Slot machines operate based on RNG (Random Number Generator) systems, which determine the position of the reels. There's no strategy to hit the Jackpot. Choose your bet size, spin the reels, and hope that you land the mega prize. If you enjoy online slot machines and you're looking for a thrilling gaming experience, read on to learn all you need to know about jackpot slots.

A brief history of Jackpot Games

Guess what, jackpots have continued to attract players since the late 1800s. The idea became popular due to a fantastic game called Jacks or Better. So how did that happen? Very simply actually, all the bets during a game of poker would be placed in a pot until a winner was crowned, but this could only be with a pair of Jacks or Better. Another similarly exciting jackpot game is Bad Beat Jackpots - in this game, a good 4-of-a-kind hand can get beaten at the showdown!

Gradually, numerous traditional casinos chose to offer these very appealing jackpot games, usually in the style of jackpot slots with life-changing prizes. The arrival of online casinos boosted the demand for this type of game. Now, it's entirely possible for wide-area progressive (network) jackpots to have millions up for grabs.

Jackpot prize games are some of the most rewarding games in online gaming. Like with land-based casino slot games, when you play online jackpot games, you have a lower chance of hitting the massive prize than earning free spins or bonus levels. Depending on the type of game, you can win a jackpot via a bonus level, a winning combo, or randomly. During bonus levels, when the highest value symbols appear, they'll unlock the Jackpot. You can trigger the Jackpot during the main game by landing a winning combo with the most valuable symbols.

What Are the Types of Jackpot Slots Available?

Jackpot games can deliver wins of over seven figures. The gameplay is simple. Play online by placing your bet and spinning the reels. With Lady Luck on your side, you'll land the huge prize. Online casino slot machines include different jackpot prizes such as progressive, standalone, hourly, and daily. All you must do is choose your preferred game, wager with a sensible budget, and hope that you hit the Jackpot!

Progressive Jackpot Games

Progressive jackpot slots offer players an exhilarating and unique wagering experience. Rich in dazzling symbols and unrivalled prizes, these slot machines can pay out figures of over €11 million. When you spin the reels, a percentage of your bet contributes to a communal prize pool. Every time you place a bet, the prize increases. The online world features local and global progressive jackpot slot machines.

Local progressive jackpots are site-specific. Players of the specific online casino contribute to growing the prize pool. Jackpot Raiders, for example, is a local jackpot slot. Wager on the game at the Casino Room, and you'll receive different payouts than when you wager at other online casinos. Local jackpots pay out smaller wins compared to global jackpot slots. But the silver lining is that you'll be competing against fewer players.

Global progressive jackpots are available across the entire online gaming community. You'll find a central prize pool into which online casinos contribute. And every bet placed at the participating casinos goes into the communal prize pool. Anyone wagering on the progressive jackpot slot machines can trigger the mega prize.


Online casino games with standalone jackpot prizes include a fixed prize, which is configured into the game. The prize doesn't change, no matter the number of players wagering on the slot. Standalone jackpots are the most often won and include lower value prizes. If you're a beginner, standalone jackpot slots are a perfect choice.

Daily and Hourly

Red Tiger Gaming introduced daily and hourly jackpots to the online gaming world. They have special win-win features, ensuring that gamers enjoy thrilling experiences spinning the reels when playing online. Daily jackpots are available to win every day. And online casino games with daily-prizes award wins to one lucky gamer per day.

The games use a "Must-Pay-Before" system, with a pre-determined hour before which the slot must pay out the win. Generally, these slot machines include multiple jackpots. Hourly jackpots are "must-drop" prizes, which gamers can land every hour. Usually, hourly jackpots reach four-figure amounts and offer players more chances of landing cash prizes.

Can You Improve Your Chances of Winning a Mega Jackpot?

Because jackpot slot machines work based on RNG systems, there's no real strategy to hit the mega prize. The systems generate billions of numbers per second to determine the position the reels will land on next. It's how the software providers deliver transparent and fair gameplay. Although you can't manipulate the odds of landing a jackpot, you know you have the same chances as other players to win the grand prize.

Some simple tips when playing Jackpot Games

Stick to your budget

  • "Just one more spin" can quickly turn into blowing way too much cash, all without seeing any return.

Set yourself a limit

  • Once you hit that limit, close your laptop or switch off your tablet - playtime is over for now. You may not have won the Jackpot you were chasing, but you will have enough cash in the bank to have another go later.

Use free casino slot games to learn how the game works.

  • Most games come with a demo mode, or as we call it, ‘play for fun.' this lets you learn the rules and various combinations needed to get that all-important big win before you play for real.

Know when to play.

  • There is no way to tell when a Mega Jackpot Prize will drop. However, there are certain patterns to watch out for when you play - a Jackpot that pays out in the millions is unlikely to drop when the prize pool has only just begun to be replenished, for example. (But there is always the exception to the rule!)

What's the Limit of a Global Progressive Online Casino Jackpot?

A global progressive online casino jackpot grows with a percentage of every bet players wager. It increases until one player claims the huge prize. Once the Jackpot is claimed, it returns to the minimum set amount. Thanks to the huge number of players they attract, a massive global progressive jackpot can grow by millions in just several days.

Wrapping It Up

Online casino jackpots are like lottery tickets. With a lucky streak, you can achieve mega wins. Place bets you can afford to wager for fun without any expectation to win. Test the jackpot games in fun to play mode at the Casino Room before wagering real money bets. You can play a progressive jackpot game, standalone, daily or hourly jackpot games depending on what you prefer. Play online, start spinning, and get lucky when playing these great games!