What is Live Roulette?

Roulette is a popular online casino table game. The original offline version originated in Paris, over 200 years ago. Although you'll find a variety of live-roulette games at the Casino Room, the main rules are identical. Log into your account, make a deposit, and head over to the Live section of the site. Choose between the Instant, First Person, Roulette x 2, VIP, Speed, Immersive, Lightning, First Person Lightning, Live Auto, Golden Chip, American, and European Pro games. Kick-off your gaming session by placing your bet. You can choose a straight-up bet, odd or even, red/ black, a section, high/ low, a column, 0/ 00. Each live game features a croupier, who spins the beautifully designed wheel. A small ball rolls on the interior of the wheel in opposite direction. The presenter closes the betting period and the ball falls into one of the slots on the game's wheel.

Design and Feel

The design of each live version of the game aims to attract players in an immersive surrounding. The gaming developers have created special studios, which include interior design elements and equipment identical to those of a land-based casino. Once you enter a live-roulette game at the Casino Room, you'll feel an adrenaline rush. It's an exciting and entertaining environment aimed to provide excellent gaming sessions. The live dealers are friendly and professional. The video streams are exceptional, and you can select a "view" angle, depending on your preferences. Take a look at Instant Roulette or Speed Roulette and get a feel for the wheel!


  • You can place more than one bet at a time on Live-Roulette games. Although you'll find different versions of the live casino game, the main rules and features are identical across the variants.
  • You can place inside and outside bets. Inside bets include "Straight Up," "Split," "Street," "Corner," and "Line." Outside bets comprise "Column," "Dozen," "High or Low," "Red or Black," and "Odd or Even."
  • The main types of Live-Roulette games include the European and American versions. The difference is that the European version only includes one "0," while the American variant includes two zeroes, which offers increased advantages to the house.
  • The American game includes 38 pockets, which range from zero to 36 and an extra "00." Eighteen of the pockets are red and the other half are black. The "0" and "00" pockets are green.
  • The European game features 36 numbers split into 18 red and 18 black pockets. The zero is green.

How Much Can You Win?

You can win impressive prizes playing live Roulette at the Casino Room. Log into your account, transfer funds into your account and choose your preferred live game. Depending on the bonuses available and your bet values, you can win over 5 figures.