What Is Roulette?

Roulette is a popular online casino table game, which requires a streak of luck and clear comprehension of its rules. Depending on your expectations and budget, you can apply an aggressive gaming strategy or exchange smaller winnings for improved betting odds. The game's layout has changed over the years to deliver different variants of the game such as American, European, or French. The main difference resides in the number of "zero" slots. The European Roulette version includes one "zero," while the "American" version adds an extra "00" slot for an increased house edge.

Design and Feel

As the shining star of an online casino, the online casino table game comes in a variety of designs. At the Casino Room, the roulette games are designed to outclass competitors and to deliver "world-class" entertainment. For straightforward adaptation to legal changes in the online gaming industry, the designs are adaptable and customizable. On gaming events, you may notice a Progressive Lighting System, which provides lighting scenarios in special moments of the game. The compact, yet easy to use the design of the games, make them user-friendly. You'll enjoy the finest details including the track, the ball stoppers, the turret, and pockets. Whenever players sit at a table, they enjoy a comfortable and streamlined gaming session.


You can learn the rules of the game quickly and play even if you're a beginner. The main rule is you must guess the specific number on which the ball will land after every spin of the wheel.

  • Players can place different types of bets, with various payouts. Some games require placing the bet before the ball begins to drop, while on other games you can place bets while the wheel is still spinning.
  • The dealer calls the end of the bet session. When the ball drops, the game pays out the winnings. A new round begins.
  • You can bet on one number, a group of numbers, or on "betting" areas within a determined period.
  • Bets come in two forms such as "inside bets," which are riskier, and "outside bets," which are more likely to deliver wins. "Red or Black" is the most famous outside bet, followed by "Odd or Even" and "High or Low." Inside bets have different options including "Straight Up," "Split," "Basket," "Street," or "Corner."
  • The difference between "French" and "European" Roulette is that the French version comprises 2 extra rules such as "La Partage" and "En Prison."

How Much Can You Win?

Because it's a table game "of chance," wins are not guaranteed. But winning sessions can deliver payouts of over 6 figures. Play responsibly and choose the right betting strategy for your budget.