About  Classic Blackjack

Slot produced by Microgaming

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Blackjack lovers are up for a challenge posted by Microgaming. Classic Blackjack is the basic and the most popular choices among the blackjack lovers when the rules and payouts are taken into account. The game offers multiple versions, including Standard and Gold. This online casino game has a sublime RTP margin, making your play worthwhile and consequently delivering a low house edge, at CasinoRoom, you won’t be left high and dry.

About the Game

Classic Blackjack, developed by Microgaming, has simple rules and is playable by players of all levels of gaming experience. Microgaming has developed the game in the form of a European Table structure. The basic 5 decks of 52 cards with one hand is the original version, initially adapted in the classic European land casinos. What makes it different is, the payout structure changes drastically with the European Blackjack version to that of the American Blackjack.

How to Play

The main idea of Microgaming’s Blackjack variant is to beat the dealer and achieve a hand value close to 21 or at least equal the same. Depending on your choice, all other cards are traded at their face value from 1 or 11. To kick start your gambling experience with Classic Blackjack, choose the wager amounts for the forthcoming round and start the game by clicking on the Deal button.

Next, the ‘House’ deals you 2 cards against the two dealer cards, one is face-up, and the other one remains face-down. At this point, you are left with a decision to stick or twist. Click Hit for wagering an additional card, or, at your risk, click Stand to stick with the cards you have, thereby ending the game turn. You also have an option to double your wager by clicking the Double option, ensuring the game is dealt with another card.

Finally, Split comes into effect if you find a Pair and want to multiply your wager, splitting the initial wagering hand to show a multiplied result. With this, you can restart your new hand with the round and expect the fortune tides to turn your way.

Tips and Strategies

Much like any other regular Blackjack variants, most of the thumb rules and tips are identical to one another. However, there are specific know-how rules that ensure you play an informed game.

Here are the things to expect from a dealer:

  • The dealer has to hit a soft total of 17 or less
  • Anything more than 17, the dealer has to stand on the total

With the dealer’s obligation aside, ensure to:

  • Make use of a special strategy chart offered in Microgaming Classic Blackjack, accessible throughout the gameplay. This contains comprehensive data to help you decide between the winning moves, including timings to split, double, hold, stick, and many others.
  • If you end up having a pair of fives with the dealer flashing up cards between 2 to 9, the best strategy will be double. In case the dealer has 10 to Ace, Split is the best and risk-free move.
  • Always use Insurance sensibly. This costs you half the value of the initial bet and returns 2:1 for a dealer holding. If not, the insurance bet is lost on your side.
  • Unlike other variants of Blackjack, Classic one does not offer the Surrender option. Thus, play tactfully and wager with calculated risks.


Classic Blackjack from Microgaming is an entertaining game backed with an authentic table and payout structure. True to its incredible RTP levels, the game justifies every single bit of its payout by offering options and menus to make the most of the wagers. The demo version available for this casino game will mentor new players to play for real money in the future.