Deal or No Deal

About  Deal or No Deal

Slot produced by Evolution Gaming

Let the Game-Show go on!

For nearly 20 years now, the TV show Deal or No Deal, which originates from the Dutch TV show where one contestant had to beat the banker, has gained popularity. The TV show was then adopted by UK television, then spread across the globe, and the rest is history as they say.

Deal or No Deal is expected to be one of the most successful games of 2020. The game is based closely on the famous TV Show ‘Deal or No Deal’, and as in the similar offering Monopoly, players will have to qualify to enter the main game round, after spinning a variation of the Dream Catcher wheel.

How do I Qualify for the Big Cash?

How do you enter this ‘bonus’ round? Well, players will need to spin a wheel similar to a three-reel bank vault and once the gold segments are aligned on the upper central sector, the vault will open and the game-show begins. To increase their qualification chances, the player can buy one or two rings of the wheel. That means that they will start with one golden segment or two already aligned on the Wheel. Each qualification round has a timer in the centre of the wheel. Ideally, you’d buy 2 golden segments to increase your chances of qualifying instead of buying just one and hoping for a miracle in the last few seconds. But you can also be a dreamer and just click on the ‘EASY’ button, the world needs optimists! Don’t worry, you will eventually qualify - If only the Champions League qualifiers were this easy…

Tips and tricks

There are really no tricks, but here are a couple of tips that will make your gameplay a bit more enjoyable (I’m talking money here $$$$) and also assure you that you’ll nail that qualification and not sit aside and watch others getting rich (no really, we’re playing for fun here but who doesn’t want to be part of the action?)

  1. Betting big to win big: The amount of money in the biggest briefcase can have a 75x–500x multiplier, which will be applied to your bet. You don’t want to apply that to Peanuts, right?
  2. Select the ‘‘VERY EASY’ bet during the qualification. With 2 golden segments, tough to get that one wrong – you will have a higher chance of qualifying (Also, the amount of your bet will be multiplied by 9 so calculate that in advance before deciding your stake)


Now really let the game-show begin

Ok, you qualified, and it is now time for the game show itself, where you’ll have to choose from the 16 sealed briefcases full of varying amounts of cash – the multipliers here could be from 0.10x your bet to 500x your bet. But first, there’s another chance for you to win big: Once the Top-Up wheel will appears, you get to decide if you want to top up the amount of money in the briefcase you chose to have the biggest prize. You can top up by 5x–50x the value of your bet.
As you enter the real show, the presenter will have one briefcase in the centre and the other 16 around the studio As in the game show, one by one the briefcases will be opened, and values are shown. Then, at the end, after all that tension, you can either switch suitcases, make a deal, or stick to your chosen one. Your payout will be decided by your own action – are you taking the bankers offer Or are you opening the suitcase?

What you need to know

  • You could win big, once qualified for the main round. That might end up being expensive (remember the qualifying round will multiply your stake x 3 or x9, depending on the level you choose) but once you’re in, you’re in.
  • The game is optimised for all devices so you can comfortably play it from anywhere. And I mean anywhere. Be as creative as you like (as long as you have a good internet connection).
  • No need to panic if you didn’t qualify once, there are several qualifications rounds, one for each main game-show round so you can wait for the next one. Remember the timer of the vault-wheel: it marks the seconds remaining till the next round.
  • You’ll actually have the chance to seal the deal or not – just like in the real game show so it’s kind of up to your gut feeling to decide how much you’re taking home.

What do you say, Deal or no Deal?