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The Legend of the Money Wheel Dream Catcher

The Dream Catcher keeps nightmares away and leaves feathers hanging above your head. Not exactly what we’re talking about today, but quite close. (feathers and fantasies that is, not to the nightmares). We’re going to talk about a live casino game which turned heads in the gaming world and set the base of a whole new era: the entertaining game - show experience!

As mentioned above, Dream Catcher is what started the entertainment, game-show trend in the live casino world. The wheel was commonly known in land-based casinos, then the main concept was taken and adapted to fit the digital world. The game was launched in 2017 and has been played by players all around the world, regardless of their betting preferences: everyone loves it!

What makes Dream Catcher a Dream Come True for Live Casino Players?

We’ve stated for a few times now that Dream Catcher is the beginning of a new era, the game-show experience. But that’s not the only thing that makes this groundbreaking game a top choice. Here are a few things you should know about the Dream Catcher before you decide if it is indeed the game for you (it is, you just don’t want to admit it yet – that’s why you’re still reading):

  • The Money Wheel has a maximum payout of €500,000. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll win that much in one hand. Different bet amounts will obviously offer different max payouts!
  • The money Wheel has been created by TCSJOHNHUXLEY (physically created). This means that the biggest creator of land-based casino Roulette wheels has applied their top technology and expertise to create this flawless wheel – How does that translate for you? Easy: fairness guaranteed.
  • The game’s mechanic is so easy that you don’t have to be a master to play. You just place your bet on the number/segment you think will come up next: it’s like playing the lottery.
  • You can play it from your sofa – with one leg hanging on the floor and a bag of crisps on your chest. The thing is the Dream Catcher is perfectly optimised for mobile so you can play straight from your phone, in the most uncomfortable positions – the game will still give you the best experience, no matter what.

How Does the Game Work

The rules of the game are simple: the wheel is divided into 54 segments. You will need to guess the next winning segment. These segments have numbers written on them, which also correspond to the pay-out of the winning bet. In case of the wheel stopping on a segment corresponding to a multiplier, the wheel will be spun again and the multiplier applied to the next winning number. The last time the Money Wheel (or Dream Catcher) made dreams come true was when 3 multipliers came in a row x7 x7 x7, so the initial bet was multiplied x343. As the wheel is capped at £500,000, chances are the win was lower than that, but who cares if your 1 EUR randomly placed on the segment 40, got an extra x7 x7 x7?

How do Payments Vary?

If you are more used to betting with the possibilities and statistics, the UI will actually offer you the numbers for the last winning rounds so you can have a sneak peek at what happened and what is the supposed frequency of each segment. Also, based on the game’s RTP you can select the segment you want to bet on.

What About this Game-Show Thing?

Once you launch the Dream Catcher you get transported to the studios with TV channel styled sets. The lighting and the studio itself remind you of one of those Saturday evenings when you just didn’t feel like going out but watched a good old TV show, seeing people embarrass themselves. The plus side is, the only person that can do that would be the game presenter, so it’s a nice way to entertain yourself if you have one of those evenings. And keep an eye out for special holidays. Easter and Christmas will really be reflected in the Dream Catcher Studio. The multicamera approach is not the only thing which will stand out.