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Blackjack - A Classy Card Game For Maverick Punters Game Description

Blackjack is, and has been a favourite among casino enthusiasts for a long time! What is it that makes the game one of the most popular table games that players choose? Simplicity, you simply have to beat the dealer with a minimum of two cards.
The earliest casinos in the Nevada region (you know the place...) featured this game, where they offered bets of 10:1 for the player that got the 21-point hand. Today, most online casinos offer a 3:2 payout, and the game has become universal. Actors like Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are two popular stars who love the game, and are apparently quite good at it!

Blackjack Game Rules

You can play Blackjack at Casino Room, and as usual, you’ll find 6-8 decks of regular cards used to play the game. You’ll need to have a higher value in your hand than the dealer to win. If you draw a hand value of 21 (Blackjack) on the first two cards, and the dealer falls short, you win. It’s that simple. If you have lower valued cards in hand than the dealers, then you lose. Remember that the Ace card counts either as 1 or 11, depending on how you want to play it. The face cards of K, Q, and J are worth 10, and 2 to 9 have the same value as they display.

  • You place a minimum or maximum bet per hand as per the rules in that particular game. The dealer turns the cards face up one at a time for each of the players.
  • They will turn one card down and one card facing up for themselves, and now each player has 2 cards facing up. Each player is then invited to ‘hit’ or ‘stick’
  • These are the two basic moves in Blackjack, to ‘hit’ means the dealer will turn you another card and will keep doing so each time you ‘hit’ until you either ‘stick’ or stay with the cards you have, or end up ‘bust’ meaning the total value of your cards is over 21 and the dealer wins.
  • The dealer, on the other hand, must always ‘hit’ until he/she reaches a minimum value of 17, at which point he may also ‘stick’ at which point hands are compared with the hand closest to 21 wins.
  • Other options in play include to ‘surrender.’ This option is a wise move if you have cautiously stuck with a hand value of middle value, 15-16 and the dealer holds a 9,10 or picture card.
  • The exception to the surrender option would be if you hold a pair of 8’s, these should be ‘split.’
  • ‘Splitting’ is another option if you have been dealt 2 cards with the same value, where you are allowed to split them into separate hands and request a new second card for each new hand, and then place a new bet the same as the original on each of them.
  • You can also ‘double down,’ a situation in which your confidence in the two initial cards dealt to you is such that you double your original bet in return for only one card, hoping that this one card will be enough to beat the dealer.
  • On the other hand, if the dealer shows an ace, you may offer half of your original wager as an ‘insurance’ bet, then if the dealer turns blackjack, you win the bet at 2-1 meaning you break even instead of losing your original full stake to blackjack.

About Blackjack

Ever since the early 1900s, when the game of Blackjack became widespread from France, it has been winning hearts. The game has many twists and turns and a lot more than just a show of cards. Players who get the taste of success here can easily become regular players. Whether you look for this game in the live casino or the table games category, at Casino Room, you are sure to have an exciting time, especially if you play with insurance and use a few calculated moves.