First person Lightning Roulette

About  First person Lightning Roulette

Slot produced by Evolution Gaming

The reel is hot! If you’re feeling lucky at online roulette, play First person Lightning Roulette for fun or real money. With over 800 games, you’ll find your perfect casino game match here – no downloads necessary!

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Get Lucky with Lightning Roulette!

Look forward to your first round of First Person Lightning Roulette, because you are in for a very pleasant surprise! The game is played slightly different the usual roulette, the player as always places a bet on their choice of tiles by colour, a number, or numbers, and then the wheel is spun and the ball enters the wheel… While the wheel is in motion, random numbers are chosen with a strike of lightning. As the wheel rotates, forks of lightning branch out from the number board and travel towards the number boards red and black tiles striking between 1 – 5 ‘lucky numbers’. Rather than the usual 35:1 winnings, you have the chance of winning between 50x – 500x your wager with a straight-up bet when you get the lucky numbers that have been struck by lightning. First Person Lightning Roulette is a live casino game based on European Roulette. A combination of quality visuals and clear audio wrap you up in the game. You can almost feel yourself entering an art deco inspired casino with dramatic piano music playing in the background as the game loads up and the tension builds.

Game Rules

Your game starts with a 3d animated roulette wheel, the objective is to correctly predict the numbered pocket on the wheel that the ball will fall into when the wheel stops. to place your bet, you need to select a chip and then click on your chosen bet spot on the game table. then click on the spin button to start the roulette wheel spinning before the ball is sent spinning the opposite way. The ball will slow down and fall into one of the numbered pockets of the wheel, hopefully your chosen number!

The multipliers are the centre of attention in Lightning Roulette. Payouts can be boosted by up to 500x! The Lucky Numbers are hit by lightning when the presenter pulls the lever and releases the charge, up to 5 numbers can be increased in value, improving the players’ odds of a bigger payout. Beware that only Straight Up bets will be affected, meaning the payout stays the same on any other bets. If you have bet on the number as part of a group, ie: a line or corner bet, your win won’t get multiplies, The lightning multipliers only work on straight-up bets.

In the absence of multipliers, your payout for a straight-up bet can be between 1:1 and 35:1

Inside bets:

  • Straight-up bets give you 35:1
  • Line bets give you 5:1
  • Corner bets give you 8:1
  • Street bets give you 11:1
  • Split bets give you 17:1

Outside bets

  • Column bets are worth 2:1
  • Dozen bets are worth 2:1
  • Red/Black - Odd/Even - 1-18/19-36 are all worth 1:1

Once you are ready to go live you can switch from the RNG table by simply clicking on the “Live Button”, and you will be quickly taken to the actual studio with a presenter.

You can bet as little as €0.10 on this game but if you’re a high roller you can go higher if you so desire.

About the game

First Person Lightning Roulette is one of the many first-person casino games from Evolution Gaming. This online casino game was launched at ICE 2018. Since its release, the game has gone on to win awards. One such award is the Product Innovation of the Year awarded at the Global Gaming Awards held in Las Vegas in 2018. There is a saying that lightning does not strike the same spot twice but Evolution Gaming defies this saying. First Person Lightning Roulette embodies the excellence Evolution Gaming is known for.

You can play First Person Lightning Roulette on all devices including tablets, mobiles and desktop PC’s