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About  Hades - Gigablox

Slot produced by Yggdrasil Gaming

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Hades Gigablox: Visit the Underworld and Claim the Devil's Fortunes

Game Description

Dive deep into the underworld, where Hades, the Greek God, rules over the dead and riches. The son of Titans Rhea and Cronus, and the brother of deities such as Hera, Poseidon, and Zeus, Hades awaits your soul to enter his kingdom. But fear not! The fortunes you're about to discover trump any form of danger and risk! Venture out and battle monsters on the game's spins. The superb online casino slots game starts with a rich intro featuring the logo bursting into flames. Yggdrasil uses dark shades of red, gold, and purple to set the scene. The visuals produce a brilliant romp through the scary Underworld. The cinematic intro immerses players into Hade's kingdom. The grid is surrounded by an infernal mechanic featuring skeletons and snakes. Hades tosses coins up in the air, tempting you to spin the reels of the creepy grid. The spectacular animations and exceptional designs are accompanied by a dark and sinister soundtrack with a voiceover that adds to the atmosphere. Hades comments whenever you spin the reels forcing you to dive deeper into the game's mechanics. Before placing real money bets, test the game out in fun to play mode. When you believe you have a firm grip over Hades Gigablox's rules, bonuses, and special features, switch over to the real-money mode at the mobile/ desktop website of the Casino Room.

Game Rules

Hades Gigablox is the second slots game to include the Yggdrasil Gigablox system. After Lucky Neko, which had a Japanese theme, the developer launched this 6 reels, 6 rows, and 50 winning paylines.

  • The online game pays out wins when you land at least 3 matching symbols across the reels, starting with the leftmost reel.
  • Hades Gigablox includes 4 low-value symbols which are the red heart, the green club, the purple spade, and the blue diamond. The visuals are 3D-like graphics set on beautifully crafted stones.
  • The online casino game includes 4 high-value symbols, the blue monster, the purple monster, the green monster, and the red monster. The graphics are terrifying and do a great job at reflecting the Inferno theme.
  • The wild is a beautifully designed Wild green and red gold logo set on top of the screaming monster. The wild replaces all other symbols during the "Hades Wild Hunts" level.
  • The scatter is the Free Spins symbol including 3 wolf-like monsters howling in different directions. When you land at least 5 scatters, you'll trigger the Free Spins mode. The game awards as many spins as the number of scatters you land on the reels. The game calculates scatters according to their size, meaning a 2x2 block is 4 scatters. Every scatter, which appears during the bonus level, will add 1 extra spin.
  • The Gigablox are supersized symbols, which act as individual symbols featuring a 2x2 up to 6x6 formations. The scatter symbols can land as Gigablox symbols on the reels.

During the main game, Hades can fight against the monsters and randomly convert them into wilds. If Hades wins the fight, the symbol will become Wild for the spin. Hades can also convert Gigablox symbols. During the Free Spins round, Hades fights each spin, and every symbol which becomes Wild will increase the multiplier value. Also, during the Free Spin mode, any fights won by Hades will increase the multiplier:

  • For a 2x multiplier and 2 Free Spins, turn the first 10 symbols into wilds.
  • Turn the next 15 symbols into wild symbols and receive 2 Free Spins and a 3x multiplier.
  • Turn the following 20 symbols into wilds and receive a 5x multiplier and 2 extra Free Spins.
  • The next 25 symbols, which turn into wilds, will grant you a 10x multiplier and 2 Free Spins.

The Gigablox symbols, which become wilds are considered according to their formation. A 2x2 Gigablox wild will count as four symbols towards the Wild counter. Each wild has a separate multiplier counter.

Yggdrasil's dark and entertaining slots game is made for beginner and professional gamers worldwide. You can wager between €0.10c and €100 and use the AutoSpin function to make playing a breeze.

About Hades Gigablox

Yggdrasil launched Hades Gigablox on October 22nd, 2020 and it's become a worldwide favourite for high rollers and smaller budgets alike. If you're looking for a thrilling and dark online casino slots game, Hades Gigablox is without any doubt the closest you can get to the Underworld. Unlike your standard Devil, Hades is more like Lucifer Morningstar, that lovable dark angel from Lucifer, the TV show. He's charismatic and calls you out on your performance during your spins. It's a nice twist brought by Yggdrasil to immerse you into the theme of the slot. The visual effects, the exceptional prizes, and superb special features make this online casino slots game worth being braver than you've ever been!