Lightning Dice

About  Lightning Dice

Slot produced by Evolution Gaming

Lightning Dice: Light Up Your Way to Fortunes

Game Description

Lightning Dice by Evolution Gaming is attractive to both live casino table game fans and slots or bingo enthusiasts. It's entertaining and features excellent multipliers of up to 1,000 x your stake. The electrifying interface and the stunning Art Deco design offer a pleasant adrenaline rush during each session. The studio's beautiful design brings you top-quality and seamless HD-quality video streams, which allow you to get up close to follow your dice. The studio's attractive black and gold chromatic colour scheme adds a luxurious feel to the gameplay.

The innovative and unique maze structure placed in the studio's centre delivers a stunning visual effect. The graphics and live video streams from the Evolution Gaming Latvia studios are clean, crisp, and sharp bringing an electrifying yet warm feel. The game's soundtrack and sound effects emulate strikes of lightning, which immerse you into the live game. You'll also hear familiar casino sounds, which help create that all-important land-based casino feel. The camera gives you a full view of the live host, the lever, and the maze structure. This exciting game is brought to you by the Casino Room. Enjoy an unrivalled gaming session by logging into your account on the desktop or mobile version of the platform.

Game Rules

The intense lighting and unique mechanics of Lightning Dice offer an exciting gaming session. It's an entertaining game, which mixes simple rules with great winnings.

  • You place bets on the sum of three dice, which the host throws in the Lightning Tower
  • The fast-paced online game commences a new round every 30 seconds. Bet on time and use the "Repeat" tab to repeat your priorly selected numbers.
  • The total number of spots is 16, ranging between 3 and 18. The possible outcomes comprise the sum of all three dice. For example, if the dice were to land on 2, 1, and 3, the winning spot would be 6. Every spot has a specific payout between 5 times and 150 times your stake.
  • Before every roll of the dice, the host reveals the bonus strikes. Once players place their bets, the game randomly selects two or three spots for the bonus x value of payout, which can reach up to 1,000x your stake.
  • You can place bets ranging from a low €0.20c up to a maximum of €500.
  • After the betting is over, the game initiates the Lighting process. The electrifying live game adds multipliers to several numbers. The strike of lightning signals that the multiplier has increased.
  • The winning numbers online display shows the recent winning 3-dice sums. The display also highlights the winning Lightning numbers, which include a multiplier.
    • On a total of 3 or 18, the payout is 149x.
    • On a total of 4 or 17, the payout is 49x.
    • On a total of 5 or 15, the payout is 24x.
    • On a total of 6 or 15, the payout is 14x.
    • On a total of 7 or 14, the payout is 9x.
    • On a total of 8 or 13, the payout is 6x.
    • On a total of 9 or 12, the payout is 5x.
    • On a total of 10 or 11, the payout is 4x.
  • The host releases the dice into Lightning Dice's tower, and the camera closes in to reveal the winning number. The game pays out winnings while the live host replaces the dice for the following round.
  • Payout values depend whether the bet spot has a multiplier applied. If there's no multiplier, the game applies the standard payout.

About Lightning Dice

Lightning Dice is a high-performance live online casino game, which immerses players in a fast-paced gaming environment. Since its release in the online casino world in 2019, it's maintained a premium position. Live gaming enthusiasts consider it a one-of-a-kind immersive game, which combines the best of table games, slots, and bingo games. The dark but luxurious décor, the exceptional bonuses, the streamlined soundtracks, and the exceptional video streams make Lightning Dice one of Evolution Gaming's biggest hits.