Mega Ball

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Slot produced by Evolution Gaming

Live Mega Ball: Adrenaline, Bets, and Unrivalled Fortunes

Game Description

Live Mega Ball is a live game which blends the mechanics of lotteries and bingo games. You can play up to 200 cards, each including 24 numbers. It's an exceptional fast-paced game show. The live dealer game includes multipliers and bonuses, which help players score wins. The show takes place in a dazzling studio, which features an impressive design. The vibrant and custom-built layout delivers a brilliant atmosphere, perfect for a live show.

The turquoise-gold accessories and gold lighting set the tone for entertainment. When the last ball is chosen, the lighting in the studio changes, building suspense in anticipation of the huge win. The interface features a streamlined layout containing 5 sections. The ball history section displays the balls drawn by the Mega Ball machine. The Payouts section displays the payouts for various winning combos. You'll see the numbers needed to land a win, the cards, and the "Autoplay" feature. You can earn up to €500,000. To play the game, log into your account at the Casino Room and purchase cards.

Game Rules

Live Mega Ball is like good old fashioned bingo. Players purchase bingo cards, which feature a 5x5 grid and 24 numbers. The live dealer of the online casino displays 21 numbered balls and 2 multiplier balls. You must land at least one line comprising 5 numbers to achieve a win.

  • Every card contains 24 numbers and a blank spot in the centre of the card, which is a "wild."
  • Each card delivers 12 playable paylines.
  • Payouts are delivered when you land 5 numbers across vertical, horizontal, or diagonal directions.
  • The Mega Ball machine draws 20 of the 51 numbered balls. With every draw, the balls are compared to the numbers on the cards you've purchased and marked automatically.
  • Each number is updated and the cards are sorted accordingly. The cards with a higher possibility of winning are displayed first. At the top of your cards, you'll see a list of numbers required to complete the winning paylines.
  • When the main draw is completed, the Mega Ball bonus level begins. Two bonus Mega Balls are chosen, which can increase the payouts of the winning cards.

First, the Mega Ball number is determined. The selection wheel features numbers ranging between 5x and 100x. The dealer spins the wheel. When the wheel stops, the chosen value becomes a multiplier. If the number completes a payline on your card, the winning is multiplied by the chosen multiplier. If an extra Mega Ball is chosen and completes a payline on your card, the winning is multiplied by the higher value.

When the game round has ended, your cards are sorted according to the winning paylines completed. The winning cards are displayed on the left side of the screen. If you don't have any winning cards, they'll be sorted according to their potential of winning.

Players can use the "Autoplay" function which allows gamers to repeat the previous bet for a chosen number of rounds. The same numbers will be selected on your cards. Live Mega Ball is made for beginner and professional players as you can place bets ranging from €0.10c up to €100 per card.

About Live Mega Ball

Live Mega Ball is a thrilling online gameshow from Evolution Gaming. The developer launched the live game during April 2020 and has proven to be a big hit. Players worldwide will experience a thrilling wagering session whenever the game show is live. If you love bingo games and usually purchase lottery tickets hoping to land fortunes, Live Mega Ball is the perfect game for you!