About  Monopoly Live

Slot produced by Evolution Gaming

Monopoly Live - A Modern Spinoff of the Classic Board Game

Who doesn’t love the classic game of Monopoly? The game is full of unpredictable turns and surprises, yet one spin of the dice can change your fortunes in an instant. Give your desire for live casino dealer games a new twist with Monopoly Live at Casino Room. It is great fun for those seeking a change from the Blackjack and Roulette tables. Monopoly Live takes the excitement from Dream Catcher game a notch up by combining it with the world’s most famous board game, thus making it irresistible! The game offers more thrills than standard with two-in-one game features, packing in The Wheel of Fortune and a 3D Bonus round for those classic game show lovers among you.

Game Rules

The Monopoly Wheel

  • The dream catcher styled Monopoly wheel is a vertically mounted wheel of 54 segments, where the players can see the wheel with numbers at the edges of the segment and a letter M shining in the centre. There 6 other segments, 3 x 2 roll bonus segments, 2 chance cards and 1 x 4 roll bonus. You place your bet on the number or segment you predict the pointer will stop at when the wheel stops spinning.

The CHANCE segment

  • This can be quite generous, giving either a random multiplier or cash prize. When you get a Multiplier bonus, wait for the host to spin the wheel. (The stakes will stay on the table) Once the wheel stops any winnings will be multiplied by that segments number. The Multiplier bonus will repeat if you get the Chance segment again and have the Midas touch!

2 Rolls or 4 Rolls of the dice

  • Monopoly Live also takes you through the adventures of Mr Monopoly via various bonus games. Betting on and winning with the segments 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls will trigger the bonus round. Prepare to relive your childhood’s Monopoly board game memories via this augmented reality board as Mr. Monopoly shows you around the city’s bank, houses, hotels, and of course, the jail. He takes you around wearing a black tuxedo and a matching hat.
  • The game presenter will then roll the dice for you, and Mr Monopoly will walk the number of squares on the board that correspond with numbers from the roll of the dice. The value of the property on the square he stops on will then be added to your bonus win, so the further he gets, the more rewards you’ll receive! If he gets past go, all the properties are doubled in value. The bonus round will stop when you have no more rolls of the dice left.

    • The Income Tax square – If Mr Monopoly stops here be prepared to lose 10% of your winnings
    • The Super Tax Square – Even heftier levies of 20% are incurred from this one!
    • The Jail Square – No fines here, but you’ll need to throw a double to get out.
    • The Chance or Community Card – Cash prizes are always welcome, reducing your bonus winnings maybe not so much with these squares.

About the Game

It was in 2019 at the ICE event where Evolution Gaming with Hasbro launched Monopoly Live, amidst huge media fanfare. As a live casino lover, you may have already heard and tried your fortune at the wheel in this game. The winner of EGR Operator Awards 2019 in London, the game is more than just a few minutes of online gambling fun. The interaction with the friendly dealer remains, but the game layout is different, giving more diversity and bringing a more familiar style and rewards for those who loved the classic Monopoly board game. With a bet range from €0.10 and a maximum win of €500,000, Monopoly Live could easily ‘monopolize’ live casino!