Speed Roulette

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Spilleautomat produsert av Evolution Gaming

Speed Roulette - Quick Spins At The Live Casino

Are you feeling lucky? Do you want to give your luck a little push to see if you can make it big in the live dealer game? Speed Roulette is just the ticket when you have Lady Luck smiling down upon you!
Enter the lobby, choose your game and the sleek, fast-loading layout whisks you away to interact with the dealer. But before you grab your cocoa and credit cards, be aware that you can also find a chat room with fellow bettors to chat with right on screen while playing if you choose to. You can toggle between the table’s views and choose coins to bet on. Your helpful dealer will smile, you choose your chips, then place your bets, with 25 seconds before the next spin, Speed Roulette really picks up the pace!

Game Rules

Live casino titles are always fun because you get to stay in your pyjamas at home, plug in your earphones and get transported to a posh Vegas casino virtually.

The tension mounts as you check your game screen, the live dealer greets you, you wait for the ‘Place Your Bets’ button to turn green and you’re off with a minimum stake of £0.50.

The dealer then sets the ball into the spinning roulette wheel, you view the table from different camera angles, trying to work out its speed and angle, The ball falls into a pocket as the momentum slows down and gravity takes over, the winning number appears on the screen, is it yours?

Get ready to place your next bet within 25 seconds, that’s why it’s called ‘Speed Roulette’! If you’re a lover of stats, then you can view up to 500 of the previous game results and make an informed decision before placing your bet.

  • You can try strategic bets of Tier, Orphelins or Voisins with a single click.
  • Red, Black, Odd or Even, you’ll find all the standard betting options at your fingertips, fancy the first half? Second half? or the 1st 2nd or 3rd 12? They are all just a click away.

If you hate waiting in queues or idling away at home on the weekend doing nothing, you will love Speed Roulette! The high-end technology and speed of the game are amazing, the multiple camera angles produce an amazing experience and make the game a joy to play. If you’re not in the mood learn new strategies and rules and just want a quick few spins to entertain yourself, then Live Speed Roulette is for you!

About the Game

Speed Roulette is a stylish live casino game on offer from the gaming giant, Evolution Gaming. This custom-designed table game was launched in 2017, streams live on all devices and has since gone on to revolutionize the live casino gaming industry. If you want to take a break from regular slots or table games, give the fast and impressive Speed Roulette a spin. Speedily giving thrilling times, you can get 50 rounds more per hour than you would with Immersive Roulette or European Live Roulette. The game has some of the finest layouts, a HD camera setup, and incredible clarity. So, place your bets and spin for a win with Live Speed Roulette.