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Slot produced by Evolution Gaming

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Game Description

Evolution Gaming's Live Super Sic Bo is a modern and innovative twist of the traditional Sic Bo game. What sets the online casino version apart is that rewarding multipliers are added to between zero and several betting spots before the host rolls the dice. The user-friendly interface features an immersive environment streamed from Evolution Gaming's (EG) studios in Latvia. The décor comprises Asian elements and accessories with red and matte gold colours. The host wears a luxurious red dress, which is typical to Asian fashion, highlighting the overall theme of the online game. The table is covered with red velvet and the backdrop includes beautiful and tall Asian flowers. The Oriental-look of the studio adds a unique authenticity to the online game. The centrepiece of the game is the glass box device which the dealer uses to roll the dice. Although the mechanism is simple, the design gives a feel of mystery to the game. The professional dealer offers gamers session of Super Sic Bo on the desktop or mobile versions of the Casino Room. Place your bets and roll the dice.

Game Rules

Live Super Sic Bo features simple and easy-to-understand rules. A dedicated dealer hosts the game and sits at a small table with a beautifully designed dome including three dice.

  • The game is played with three standard dice featuring face values of between 1 and 6. Players must predict the result of the shake of these three dice. Once the betting time expires, the dealer shakes the dice and the game applies multipliers to between zero and several spots. When the dice stop shaking the online game displays the result. If you place your bet on the betting spot with an added multiplier, your stake will be multiplied accordingly.
  • You can place different types of bets on the Super Sic Bo Table. Each bet type features its own payout level.
    • A Small/Big bet on the three dice. Small (4-10) and Big (11-17) pay 1:1 but lose on triples.
    • An Even/Odd bet pays 1:1 but loses to a triple.
    • On a Total bet, you place a bet on any of the 14 spots labelled 4-17. The total includes the total value of the three dice except for 3 and 18. If the total value of the three dice is the total number you placed your bet on, you win.
    • The Single – you place a bet on any of the six spots labelled One, Two, Three, Four, Five or Six. These are the six faces of the dice.
      • When one dice shows the number you chose, you receive a 1:1 win.
      • When two dice show the number you chose, you receive a 2:1 win.
      • When three dice shoe the number you bet, you receive a 3:1 win.
    • The Double – place a bet on any of the six Double labelled zones. Two dice must display the same number.
    • The Triple – place a bet on the Triple betting area. All dice must show the bet number. You'll receive a 150:1 win.
    • Any Triple – bet on this box to cover the 6 Triple bets. All dice must show the same number. You'll receive a 30:1 win.
    • Combination – place a bet on any/ all two dice combos. You'll receive a 5:1 win.
  • The game's winning numbers display shows the winning spots. Below the winning numbers you'll see the patterns of Small, Big, and Triple results. The payouts of the online casino game depend on the type of bet you place.

On Live Super Sic Bo, you can place bets ranging between €0.20c and €2,500. The values of the chips available include 1, 5, 25, 100, 500, and 1,000. Click the chosen bet spot on the table to add your chips. The "Repeat" tab allows you to repeat your previous bets while the "Double" tab helps you double your bet. With the "AutoPlay" function, you can repeat your chosen bet for a determined number of online casino game rounds.

About Live Super Sic Bo

Live Super Sic Bo is an innovative approach to the traditional Sic Bo table game. EG released the modern online casino game in 2019, and it’s since become a popular table game for players looking for a strategic and fun casino title. The beautiful graphics, exceptional video streams, and professional dealers help gamers enjoy a seamless experience whenever they join in on Live Super Sic Bo at the Casino Room!