Texas Holdem bonus Poker

About  Texas Holdem bonus Poker

Slot produced by Evolution Gaming

Texas Hold’em With a Bonus!

The first thing to know before starting to play any game, is the rules of the game. With Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker, you have a big advantage, as the game is based on the world-famous poker variant, Texas Hold’em.

Played the same way as Texas Hold’em, in Texas Hold’em Poker 1 deck of 52 cards is used, which are shuffled after each round.
In this game, you’ll be playing against the dealer rather than other players and there will be no betting after the River card. (It is worth noting that all players play the same hand.)

To begin the game, the player, as usual, must first make an ANTE bet (initial bet).
The player can then make the optional BONUS and FIRST 5 JACKPOT bets if so desired. Both the player and dealer receive 2 starting cards (the hole cards):

  • The player’s cards are dealt face-up.
  • The dealer’s cards are dealt face down.

After these initial cards are dealt, the player then has the choice:

  • FOLD (surrender their ANTE bet) in which case the hand is over, or make a PLAY bet of 2x their ANTE.

The dealer deals 3 FLOP cards and the player then has another choice:

  • BET (1x ANTE) or CHECK (No Bet)

The dealer deals one more card (the TURN card) and the player has a choice:

  • BET (1x ANTE) or CHECK (No Bet)

The dealer then deals the final card, the RIVER, and shows his/her cards.
The ANTE bet is decided by comparing the player’s and dealer’s best 5 card poker hand out of the 7 dealt cards.

What is a Side Bonus?

In Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker you can have a BONUS bet – an optional bet that can be placed after your minimum ANTE bet is placed. All you need to do is place your bet on the BONUS bet spot.

  • You need a pair or better to win your BONUS bet, according to the BONUS bet paytable, no matter what hand the dealer archives.
  • It is based only on the player’s and dealer’s initial cards, and not the rest of the game.

What is the First 5 Jackpot Bet?

In Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker you also have the FIRST 5 JACKPOTS bet, an optional side bet that allows you to win a share of the large progressive jackpots.

  • The amount of the progressive jackpot grows steadily over time as more FIRST 5 JACKPOT bets are placed by other players, one bet is equal to 1 euro.
  • A player who has placed a FIRST 5 JACKPOT bet at a participating table and gets a Royal Flush will win the jackpot.
  • All players who have placed a FIRST 5 JACKPOT bet in the winning game round will share the total amount of the progressive jackpot, based on the current value of the jackpot, plus all the FIRST 5 JACKPOT bets that have been placed by players at the participating game tables in the current round.

This bet also allows you to win an additional prize of the fixed amount when you personally get a hand of Three of Kind or better.

  • At the start of a new game round, place your optional FIRST 5 JACKPOT bet after you have placed your ANTE bet and before the betting time expires.
  • Your decision to PLAY or FOLD your hands does not affect your ability to win a share of the progressive jackpot in the game round, or your ability to win one of the fixed prizes from the FIRST 5 JACKPOT paytable.
  • If the game round is cancelled, your FIRST 5 JACKPOT bet will be refunded along with your other bets.

*Note that 5 % of each Jackpot bet is allocated to the next Jackpot start value.