Elements: The awakening

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Elements: The Awakening is an outer space-based video slot machine game that will be hugely appealing to you and will take on an adventure like never before. It would take you to dark, mysterious yet beautiful world on another planet inhabited by creatures beyond the wildest realms of your imagination.

The Elements game is very well presented and will get you hooked onto the screen right away with its graphics and sound effects. Among the number of jaw-dropping features in this game are a wild, an avalanche meter, an energy meter, free falls and four additional wilds that each correspond to one of the four elements – earth, water, wind and fire (from where the game gets its name).

Playing the game is pretty much straightforward and very engaging. Essentially like in any other slot game, you make your bet and then spin the reels and use the buttons under the ‘level’ and ‘coin value’ headings to set your bet. Once you have done this, you need to click on the big central slab to get the game rolling.