Hourly and daily drops

What Are Hourly and Daily Drop Jackpots?

Hourly and Daily Drop jackpots are part of the range of exciting bonuses delivered by Red Tiger Gaming. They've taken the online gaming world by storm and are a fantastic upgrade to some already established and popular games. The jackpots drop every day, and every hour before a certain time. As you reach the deadline for the jackpot, the prize grows and so does your chance to win. 5 figure Daily jackpots are not uncommon and show the popularity of these innovative additions. The progressive jackpot grows by taking a small percentage of every bet placed on a game until a player wins the prize. In the case of Daily-Drops, this will be before midnight. With hourly, the deadline is hourly. The closer a jackpot gets to its deadline, the bigger it will be, and both jackpots can also drop early, albeit with a still substantial, but smaller prize.

Design and Themes

Both Hourly and Daily jackpot features are added to popular games already sporting ingenious designs and attractive themes. So you could be playing your favourite game with a new window to the left-hand side containing the jackpots. Try “Phoenix Fire Power Reels” or “Piggy Riches Megaways” and see if you can drop a super daily or hourly jackpot!


Hourly and Daily Drop Jackpots are awarded by the end of every hour and every day. The prizes are updated in real-time so you can see the jackpots grow before your eyes, add this to an already familiar game and it’s easy to see how they have earned their popularity.

  • Every wager big or small contributes to the Jackpot pool.
  • The more wagers are placed, the more the daily drops jackpots increase until they're claimed.
  • Either jackpot can be won in the same game.
  • Hourly Drops offer 24 chances to win a cash prize every day, or 168 chances every week.
  • Once the Jackpot is won, the value resets and the entire process starts again.
  • The jackpot will payout before the set deadline.
  • The prize pool is constantly updated in real-time.

How Much Can You Win?

Players can win daily drops of up to 5 figures with prizes regularly exceeding €50,000. Hourly jackpots tend to be in the 3-4 figure, and with 24 of them every day, they’re well worth playing for. Unlike other progressive jackpots, there's no minimum stake requirement to activate the Jackpot wheel. You can win big with a very small wager.