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Handle om  Blackjack Multihand

Spilleautomat produsert av Play'n Go

If you feel like a winner, you’ve come to the right place. Play online blackjack casino games for free or with real money. If you’re into strategy first, learn the rules & develop your best blackjack strategy yet – no downloads necessary!

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BlackJack Multihand: A Heart-Stopping Experience with An Innovative Game

Game Description

Online casino slots offer extreme entertainment and the chance of hitting a major jackpot. But, there's something special about sitting down at a blackjack table to relax and win big. It's a game of luck and strategy. Blackjack Multihand is Play'N GO's exciting version of the classical table game. The attractive design of the online casino game appeals to gamers worldwide. The smooth green felt table immerses you into a land-based casino environment. Next, the croupier will politely ask you with a soothing voice to place your bets.

The game's visuals are minimalistic, clean, and clear. The betting range is clearly determined. You can easily read and control the icons. The cards comprise clear and crisp graphics to ensure that you're aware of the game's dynamics. On the table, you'll see inscriptions of the main features such as "Blackjack Pays 3 to 2," "Dealer must stand on 17 and draw to 16," and "Insurance pays 2 to 1." Gamers instantly feel that adrenaline rush they're after. Before placing real-money bets, test the game and familiarize yourself with the rules in fun to play mode. When you're comfortable with the game, wager real money on the desktop or mobile website of the Casino Room.

Game Rules

Blackjack Multihand is one of Play'N GO's most exciting games, apart from online casino slots. The game comprises rules of the classical table game and extras.

  • Your aim is to achieve a hand with a total value as close to 21 as possible or over the dealer. If your hand's value is more than 21, you lose your bet. It's a "bust." In case the dealer busts, you win the round. The normal wins pay 1:1.
  • The value of your hand is calculated according to special rules such as:
  • All cards ranging from 2 up to 10 reflect their face value.
  • The Jacks, the Queens, and the Kings have equal values of 10.
  • The Ace is valued at 1 or 11, depending on what value is more beneficial to you.
  • The cards suit is not important.
  • After every round of BlackJack Multihand, all cards are re-shuffled.
  • The dealer must stand on 17s and draw up to 16.
  • Gamers can split a hand once. If your hand is worth 21 after splitting, it's considered 21.
  • Gamers can play up to 3 hands. You can double on 2 cards. Gamers can double after they've Split, except for Aces.
  • The game is played with 6 decks of cards.
  • If you hit Blackjack, it pays 3:2.
  • You can place bets between €1 and €100.
  • Once the cards are dealt, the dealer can peek at his face-down card.

When the dealer holds an Ace as a first card, you can place an "Insurance" bet, which is worth half of your initial bet's value. In case the dealer hits Blackjack, you'll win 2 to 1 on the Insurance side bet. But if the dealer doesn't hit Blackjack, you'll lose the Insurance bet and the game's round will continue as usual.

When the dealer's hand is worth between 17 and 21 and it's the same as your hand's value, the game is "pushed" and you'll have your bet returned. The "bust" means you automatically lose your bet.

You can "Split" when your first two cards have identical values. Split into 2 hands and place another bet at the same value on your 2nd hand. You can play each one of your hands at a time.

If you're satisfied with your hand's value, you can choose to "Stand." Press the "Stand" tab. The "X" on any chip will remove your wager. Use the "Hit" tab to request an extra card. Unlike slots, you must hit "Deal" to start the round. You can repeat your bet with "Rebet."

About Blackjack Multihand

Blackjack Multihand is one of Play 'N GO's premium online casino games. If you're a slots fan and haven't given this game a go, play a couple of rounds and you'll understand why it's so popular. Although Play 'N GO's slots are famous in the online casino world, BlackJack Multihand holds a premium position among online table games. Try your luck and enjoy an unrivalled Blackjack experience.