What Is Live Blackjack?

Live Blackjack at the Casino Room is your perfect choice if you're looking for an exquisite gaming session coordinated by professional and friendly dealers, where you can win big and have fun. It's an entertaining online casino game, which offers the ultimate gaming experience. The game's action is exciting and thrilling. You have plenty of versions to choose from such as Pro Monte Carlo, Power, First Person, Free Bet, Infinite, Blitz High Limit/ Low Limit, Classic, Atlantic, Vegas Strip, Vegas Downtown, or Multi-Hand Blackjack.

Design and Feel

The interfaces of our Live Blackjack games are easy to use, interactive, and feature exceptional visuals. Gaming providers use top-quality software solutions to deliver seamless video streams and exquisite sound quality. You can use chat to talk with the live dealers and view your game history or the statistics for the most recent hands played. The high-definition video streams and the interior-designs of the studios offer an immersive gaming session to players worldwide.


The intensity of Live Blackjack games at the Casino Room draws in an immense number of players. The streamlined gameplay, impeccable dealers, and fast-paced sessions offer increased levels of entertainment.

  • The aim is to get close to 21 or to beat the dealer's hand.
  • The cards ranging from 2 to 10 are considered at face value. The royal suit cards including the Jack, the Queen, and the King are "10s." The Ace can be considered a "1" or "11."
  • In-play options comprise "Hit," "Split," "Stand," "Double Down," or "Insurance."
  • The payout for a win in Live-Blackjack games is 1:1. If you choose "Insurance" you can reach a 2:1 payout for a natural win.

How Much Can You Win?

The limits of wins available on a Live Blackjack game depend on the bonuses included the value of your stakes and the software of the game. You can reach up to 5-figure wins.